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9 Spine-chilling Pictures Showing The Dangerous Side Of Sugar

ENGLISH Nisan 1, 2016

While sugar is an essential component of our daily foods, we have no doubt that sugar, when consumed in large quantities, can also prove to be fatal, being the root cause of several illnesses that are rampant in the people of today’s world. In order to raise public awareness of the same, The Diabetes Association of Thailand commissioned Thai designer Nattakong Jaengsem to create something that would speak of the dangers of sugar in a clear, loud and explicit manner. And he did quite a job.

Check it out!

Representing the ‘Chocolate brownie’

Representing the 'Chocolate brownie'

..and what it can harm you with.

Quite explicit, isn’t it?

Quite explicit, isn't it?

But it does speak the truth…

But it does speak the truth...

Fond of ‘Vanilla cakes’? Here’s what it does to you…

Fond of 'Vanilla cakes'? Here's what it does to you...

Gruesome, isn’t it?

Gruesome, isn't it?

But once again, it’s no exaggeration!

But once again, it's no exaggeration!

You won’t be having ‘Strawberry cakes’ after this, are you?

You won't be having 'Strawberry cakes' after this, are you?

Well, that might be for your own good!

Well, that might be for your own good!

Beware of sugar!

Beware of sugar!

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