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9 Things You Definitely Missed To Notice On The Big Bang Theory

ENGLISH Nisan 1, 2016

Most of us are fans of the show, The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s cocky dialogues along with Penny being lovely has taken us by surprise. So 9 seasons later, we’re still major fans of the show. But even after watching marathons of every season, there are some points that you might have missed out during the show.

Here are a few things you probably missed out on The Big Bang Theory.

1. The ’73’ logic

1. The '73' logic

73 happens to be Sheldon’s favorite number in the show. It’s because 1973 was the birth year of the actor Jim Parsons and he exhibits that in the 73rd episode of the show. There’s also a math logic in the number 73 since it’s the 21st prime number and it’s mirror image, 37, is the 12th. 21 is also gained from multiplying the numbers 7 and 3. In Binary, 73 is a palindrome, which means it is 1001001, and its mirror is also 1001001.

2. Sheldon’s username

2. Sheldon's username

In the episode, The Pants Alternative, when Sheldon wakes up in the morning to check out his drunk shenanigans on the internet, we see him typing his username as ‘ob1’ which is there to pay homage to the actor in Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi.

3. Mayim’s connection with Blossom

3. Mayim's connection with Blossom

In the episode, The Holographic Extinction, Sheldon and Amy are seen discussing costumes for Halloween. They each make a list of pairs they prefer. Amy suggests the pair, Blossom and Joey. It is a 90s sitcom in which Mayim starred as Blossom.

4. Not the first time Blossom was mentioned on the show

4. Not the first time Blossom was mentioned on the show

In the episode, The Bat Jar Conjecture, in which Raj is suggesting replacements for Sheldon for their physics bowl team. He mentions the character Blossom who got a PhD in neurosciences. In reality, Mayim has a PhD in neurosciences and she joined the show in the third season.

5. The fridge in Penny’s living room

5. The fridge in Penny's living room

Have you ever noticed the pictures stuck on the fridge in Penny’s living room? They are pictures of Kaley Cuoco posing with different members of the cast.

6. Guest star appearance

6. Guest star appearance

What you might have not noticed is the guest star in the episode, The Excelsior Acquisition, is actually Marvel’s Stan Lee. The name of the judge, J. Kirby, is a nod to Lee’s contemporary and comic writer, Jack “The King” Kirby.

7. 1701

7. 1701

Wil Wheaton might have appeared in various episodes of the show but in The Habitation Configuration, his apartment number is labeled as 1701 which is in reference to his role in Star Trek – the Next Generation where his registry number was NCC- 1701- D.

8. The Pi reference

8. The Pi reference

Similarly, Amy’s apartment number is 314 which is a reference to the value of Pi or (π) or 3.14.

9. The Flash relation

9. The Flash relation

You might have noticed various ‘Flash’ references made during the show and Sheldon wears the Flash tshirt a few times as well. But have you noticed the The Big Bang Theory theme clothing worn in CW’s adaption?

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